It’s time for Infratech Outdoor Electric Radiant Patio Heaters


Now is the time to update your patio area with our efficient, affordable and easy to operate outdoor Patio Heaters.  Infratech makes a great outdoor heater and they are our best sellers to date!  You can mount them from the attached brackets or purchase a flush mount kit and have that seamless look out on your patio, deck or outdoor living area.  These are wonderful heaters for many reasons.  They cost pennies to operate, heat a multitude of areas safely with minimal clearances and they can be custom coated in one of our 5 powder coated choices.  If you need another color, we have the option of Drylac Colors to choose from.  These take a bit longer to make, but the colors are endless! If you are starting your project and need help deciding on the appropriate heater, number of heaters or just general information, I am here to help you!  Just give me a call Toll Free 1-888-446-7227.  Happy Fall !!


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