Mist n Go Portable Golf Cart Misting Unit from Patio Comforts

Take it easy and stay cool while playing your favorite sport of Golf!  This easy to install unit will keep you misted for a full 18 rounds.  You are able to turn it off an on as  you need it, you can add ice to the unit and the only issue you will have is keeping other golfers from wanting to ride with you!!  Two mutual directional nozzles are aligned with the front passenger seats….easy breezy.  Just hook it up to your golf cart battery, attach the tubing and nozzles and you are set to go!  One of our customers sent us some pictures of his installed and you can see that in the images below!  Order yours today.  These units ship in 3 business days.

Call us if you have any questions!  1-888-446-7227   http://www.patiocomforts.com


Keep Cool and Golf TOO!

Keep Cool and Golf TOO!

DSCF1035 DSCF1039


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