Solaira Aura Patio Plus Stainless Steel Outdoor Electric Patio Heater by Patio Comforts


Patio Plus close up

Patio Plus Pergola Low Res

Our Solaira Aura Outdoor Electric Heater is a great way to heat your outdoor living area on cool days! If all you have is a outdoor plug, this Stainless Steel Heater is a very stylish way to keep warm. Aura Patio Plus provides instant heat and a comfortable warm glow. They are silent and odorless and ideal for a patio, balcony, terrace, gazebo garage or even a screened in room. The heat from this heater will not “blow away” and has a very low operating cost of approximately 18 cents/hr. (based on a 12 cent/kW with a 1.5kW heater), which makes it very desirable as opposed to outdoor propane heaters which are constantly needing propane replacement. With an outdoor heater like this that is environmentally friendly, odorless and virtually maintenance free, how perfect! It also has a Safety tip switch and an integrated on/off switch. 1500 W & 120V Weatherproof, 86″ tall with a weighted base. Order yours today at


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